Transparency is important for us therefore the main purpose of the roadmap is to inform the WSTLSS community on how we support the great efforts to become mindful about shopping, and save money for bigger dreams.

The dates reflected for each phase are estimates and may change. We're human so excuse us, if some of these actions are happening later or earlier.

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MLP (Minimum Loveable Product)

2019 August

Customize currency settings

2019 October

Statistics of savings in different categories

2019 October

Chrome extension blocking shopping sites

2019 November / December

How to buy fewer products - blog

2019 December

Localization to French, German and Spanish

2020 January

Inventory of owned products

2020 January

Tool to unsubscribe all shopping newsletters


Chatbot that helps staying on track


Connecting saved amount to personal investments


Psychology expert analysis


As you can see we have big plans for the upcoming months, but we don't want to do the roadmap alone! Do you have a problem to solve related to our mission? Have you seen something that can be better in the app? Don't hesitate to reach us on the form below or Twitter and we'll do everything to put it on the roadmap!

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